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How does the delivery process work?

Choose delivery needed option when making a reservation, we will make connection with our delivery company with your contact information, they will reach out to you to make sure the schedule of arrival is compatible with your schedule.

We use a ground delivery pet service.

The puppy needs to be reserved by Monday noon EST. for delivery the same week.

It is a 24 hour delivery service to ensure the health and well being of your new family addition!

We use a trustworthy company and we prefer that you pay the balance of the puppy and delivery via cash upon delivery. ( They will then bring the payment back to us ).

Do we receive payment via checks?

No, we don’t receive any personal or certified cashiers checks, we prefer the balance to be paid via cash, we can also receive payment with credit card or PayPal with a 3% processing fee.

Can I pick up my puppy?

Of Course! We’re located in North East OH. You are welcome to come right to our house to meet us and your new furry friend. We will gladly make an appointment that works in both of our schedules.. ( We are not available on Sundays )

How do I know you’re not a scam?

Unfortunately, there are scammers that pose as puppy breeders to steal - hard earned money. One way to detect scammers is to ask for documents of vet records of the puppy you are considering. We also encourage phone calls so we can answer any questions you might have and give you contact information for other families who have adopted puppies from us.

What about puppy mills?

Puppy mills is a term that is a bit hard to define because it is not an official term used by the FDA ( which sets guidelines for puppy breeders) Where do you find puppy mills as any breeder that raises puppies in substandard conditions and places profit over the welfare of the puppies. We love to work with small family breeders and can assure you that our puppies are well cared for. We don’t like puppy mills either!